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Embellished Nail Supply

Embellished nails dust collector

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If you’ve been looking for a small but powerful table top nail dust collector, then you’ve found it!!

This compact design is versatile for any size work surface, with a quiet motor (the quietest table top I’ve come across!) and powerful vacuum suction. Easy to maintain with an acetone-resistant body and reusable filter.

Patented shaped airflow design and anti-backflow structure provide powerful dust collection capability.

Magnetic Grill: Easy to remove, but stays on securely during use.

Specially Vented Design: Directs airflow away from customer, ensuring maximum comfort.

Safety Feature: When the magnetic grill is removed, the indicator light will flash and the device will shut off automatically.

Reusable Filter lasts 3-6 months washable! Save money!
3400 RPM – Airflow 104 CFM

Device Size: 302.7 × 210 × 76 mm
Filter Size: 252 × 176 × 13 mm
Power: 18W
Weight: 840 g
Airflow: 118 CFM
Fan Speed: 3700 rpm ± 10%

Please only use the power adapter provided to avoid electrical issues