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Pedi-Disks (Fine 240 Grit)

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Willow Pedi-Disks - Fine 240 Grit

Introducing The Willow Pedi-Must have that every foot enthusiast needs in their Pedi trolley! This is a cleaner and more effective way to reduce calluses and hard skin of the foot. Not only that, but it's throw-away! 


  • NO more hand held foot files
  • NO more vigorous arm actions getting you nowhere fast
  • NO more wasted time scrubbing foot files between treatments 
  • NO more dirty looking Emery board that never looks clean
  • NO more bacteria infested pumice stones


    These clever little Pedi- Disks are made in the best quality Zebra material and are available in two grades of 180 grit & 240 grit. They come in the cutest little storage box where they will stay clean and away from dust contamination. They are easy to apply as they have a peelable self-adhesive backing to help attach it to your Pedi-Disk holder.  

    It's as simple as: peel, apply, file & throw away!


    • Japanese White Zebra abrasive material - Aluminium Oxide
    • Available in 240 Grit
    • Also available in 180 Grit (listed separately) 
    • 20mm Disk Size
    • Can only be used when fitted to our Pedi-Disk Holder 
    • 50 disks in a box 
    • Perfect for removing hard skin & reducing calluses
    • One per client 
    • Throw away between each client 
    • Recommended speed 10-15rpm dependent on the skin type and torque of your machine