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Rosewood Willow Pro Push

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NEW Rosewood Willow Pro Push

Introducing our dual-ended “Willow Way” Cuticle Pusher in Rosewood colour to aid you in your electric Mani-pedi.

We support “your way” and if that’s combining traditional methods with E-file techniques then we have you covered:

  • One end perfectly contoured to fit the natural nail plate for push back ease. This is a soft edge with no blade, not for scraping along the plate but to aid you in pushing back the fold. 
  • Second angle blade for dead cuticle removal and hard to reach areas
  • Made from medical grade/surgical quality stainless steel
  • Handmade by talented crafts men (no white label here)
  • Finished in our beautiful new Rosewood two-tone colour & Willow Branding 

Recommended Cleaning: 

  • Wash in warm soapy water 
  • Then clean with either our "Willow Wipes"
  • or "Willow Spray & Go" for 2 minutes and then dry thoroughly