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Luminary nail system

The Color Bundle - COLORS By VanDahl (Inspire)

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Adding a color to your collection made easy! This bundle includes a 10ml bottle of Multi-Flex, 30ml of that same product, empty jar with sticker, and a squeeze cap.

COLORS by VanDahl are Luminary's very first opaque, color builder Multi-Flex Gels. Same great formula, even more reasons to love Multi-Flex. 

 Luminary's Multi-Flex Gel is a medium viscosity, self leveling soak-able hard gel that is both the base and the color in one bottle. It has both the strength of acrylic and flexibility of hard gel with real staying power. It is a universal base product, builder gel, overlay gel, and extension gel, meaning you need one product to create a beautiful structured manicure, cutting down on time and money spent on multiple products. Beyond all of that, Multi-Flex will not lift or chip, and lasts 2-3x as long as other products. Multi-Flex is available in 10ml, 30ml, or 5 gram jar (sold empty or full in our Starter Kits) sizes.

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