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Willow Black Sanding Bands- Fine Grade

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Dont know which one's to choose? Go for which ever bands closely resembles your hand file! 

Black sanding bands:


  • Fine Grade = 240 grit 
  • Perfect for preparation of the natural nail 
  • Or for light refining of product
  • Made of silicon carbide abrasive paper
  • The material is imported from Japan
  • Treated with a anti- clogging agent
  • Adhered around a barrel using an Eco-friendly Glue
  • Designed for single use only (1 per client) 
  • Mandrel sold separately

Willow Sanding Band Box - made from the finest quality White Zebra Japanese paper which is anti clogging, longer wearing with excellent heat dissipation. . Mandrel sold separately.

  • Tech Specs

    Willow Sanding band box are non refundable due to hygiene reasons. Please check each band before use and prep the edge against an old nail file.