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Willow The Cuticle Kit

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The Cuticle Kit: 

This is a collection of 6 Electric manicure pieces from our Diamond Bit collection. 


The Dust brush:  

  • Hard Pink synthetic bristles
  • used to clean dust from natural nails and nail enhancements whist working
  • can also be used in the cleaning process of your drill bits 
  • for left handed and right handed users 


The Big Ball: 

  • Large Diamond Ball 
  • Fine Grade 
  • Used to lightly exfoliate areas of the skin around the cuticle area to remove dead protein
  • used at a 45 degree angle this is an easier bit to master than the Small russian ball
  • for left and right handed users 


The Ball

  • Diamon Ball bit 
  • Medium grade 
  • for left handed and right handed users 
  • used to remove the dead protien and cuticle (better suited to clients with more dead skin) 


The Barrel 

  • Diamond Barrel 
  • fine grade
  • right handed and left handed use 
  • used to lightly exfoliate dead protien from the skin around the finger or toe 


The Anastasia (Sciver) 

  • Diamond Sciver bit 
  • Medium grade 
  • used in place of a cuticle pusher 
  • better suited for clients with little cuticle
  • for left handed or right handed users 
  • for cuticles that do not grow down the nail plate 


The Flame: 

  • Diamon Flame bit 
  • Fine Grade 
  • For left handed or right handed users 
  • perfect for clientws with excess cuticle that grows down the nail plate and needs separating from the plate like a pusher would 
  • used in place of a pusher 
  • also great for getting protien from deep within the side walls


Bits must be seasoned & steralised before there first ever use. They must also be cleaned throughly between each client. 

You can do this by: 

  • Washing them in warm soapy water 
  • then soaking them in your steralising agent for the suggested time only. 
  • over steeping will blunt and comprimise your drill bits.