Brand Ambassador

We are looking for talented nail technicians to showcase our ever-growing product range. Dm us if you want to know more or think you have what it takes! 

Join Team Embellished - Be a Brand Ambassador

Do you have a flair for creating new and inspiring nail designs?

Like keeping up with the latest nail trends?

Passionate Nail Tech?

Passionate about Our company and our brands?

Actively using our brands?


If so, join our community and become a Embellished Brand Ambassador!

Brand Ambassador Program 

We want to work with local motivated talent that can connect with the audience and show case your work for the world to see. Together we can support each other and focus on brand recognition for the nail artist and the brand collectively.


Responsibilities of being a Brand Ambassador:

As Embellished Brand Ambassador, you are one of a select few who are actively involved in the online marketing of our company.

Your main duty is to use your social media platforms and your skills and enthusiasm to drive traffic onto our site.

This entails producing exciting content for your online followers using Embellished’s range of Nail  products. Whether this is done through a photo, video, live video or YouTube tutorial, It can be simple as how to create the perfect Valentines heart themes, or an easter themed nail swatch or just a simple on trend manicure on one of your clients, the choice is yours!


All we need you to do is to use high resolution imagery, describe the product as passionately as possible and finally add a your discount code and link or tag to the Embellished website and product.


Our requirements are-

- Strong social media presence with at least 1000 followers

- Be knowledgeable about our products

- Share your unique and exclusive discount code on your platforms for all embellished  related products

- Active on Social Media, tagging and mentioning Embellished on posts

- Post content about Embellished and our products at least twice a week, every week

- Your creative flair

- Good written communication skills

  Confident + Approachable

- Proficient in social media, photography and videography


Benefits of being a Brand Ambassador:

We aim to be as dedicated as you are in your quest to gain more customers and social recognition. We are here to give you all our support and as we grow our team will grow giving you more support and opportunity.

Your Rewards:

  • Personal Discount 10%
  • 5% discount code for your followers
  • The chance to purchase new collections first
  • Promotions and support on our social pages
  • Samples sized products to play with



• Using the Ambassadors logo on all media (photos, videos, posts, etc)

• Tagging, mentioning and hashtagging Embellished in all media (photos, videos, posts, etc)

• Upholding the embellished Values at all times and being respectful on any media platforms

• Be willing to help other techs when contacted or referring them onto embellished if unable to do so

• Mention embellished Ambassadorship in bio/about on all social media accounts

• When you use another brand (as we understand that you will have stock/products from other brands that you previously purchased) respectfully avoid mentioning other brands in your Embellished posts, with the exception of items that we don't stock or are not in direct competition with.

. Are not an ambassador for any company deemed as competition or conflict of interest unless authorised by Embellished to do so


Does this sound like a role for you? If so, we would love to hear from you. To be considered, please  email


with your 

Name, contact information, Address.

SOCIAL MEDIA info and link

Why Embellished is a good fit for you?

What you can offer us as an Ambassador?

What motivates you?

Make sure to Send us images or videos of your work