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Embellished nails and training

Pro cuticle/art multi tool

Pro cuticle/art multi tool

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Embellished Pro Tools have been created using the highest quality Surgical Stainless Steel and finished in a beautiful, high quality and robust Titanium Gold coating.

Our large range of tools will provide you with sharpness, precision and longevity enabling you to achieve Royal Standard Prep for both manicures and pedicures with ease.

Dual ended cuticle tool. Designed for pushing back cuticle growth on the nail plate with ease. 

  • Can be used as a product removal tool ie acrylic/gel polish
  • Cuticle pusher with a sharp tool one end for nail art/dotting and the other end for pushing back cuticles
  • Use at a 45% angle to the nail plate to avoid damage and get best results
  • Smooth handle.
  • Available in gold

Note, black titanium coating may wear or fade in certain areas over time.

Dropping tools can damaged and/or blunt them, store after cleaning in tool case

Wash in warm water and follow your manufacturing instructions for disinfection. Leaving tools for longer than recommended times can cause rusting

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